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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Akram Shaikh

Chair, National IFAP Committee Pakistan

Being the Chair, National IFAP Committee Pakistan, it is my great pleasure to welcome all the visitors of the Website of National IFAP Committee Pakistan.

UNESCO's Information for All Programme (IFAP) was established in 2001 to meet challenges of the emerging global knowledge society and to provide equitable access to information in view of the role information plays in socio-economic development. IFAP provides a platform for international policy discussions and guidelines for action on:

  • improvement-of access to information in the public domain;
  • preservation of information and universal access to it;
  • participation of all in the emerging global information society;
  • ethical, legal and societal consequences of ICT developments.

It supports the development of common strategies. methods and tools for building a just and free information society for narrowing the gap between the information rich and the information poor. It is a key element in the fulfillment of UNESCO's mandate to contribute to "education for all", to the "free exchange of ideas and knowledge" and to "'increase the means of communication between peoples". In view of the opportunities offered by ICTs. IFAP seeks to build an information society for all through the network of National IFAP Committees. The IFAP priority areas, are information for development, information literacy, information preservation, information ethics, information accessibility and multilingualism.