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PASTIC (Pakistan Scientific & Technological Information Centre), a subsidiary of Pakistan Science Foundation under the umbrella of Ministry of Science & Technology is a specialized premier national organization in the field of S&T Information Management and Dissemination. PASTIC caters to the S&T information needs of researchers from universities, R & D organizations and the industry.

PASTIC has remained an active member of UNESCO IFAP programme by formulating a National Committee on IFAP –Pakistan during the year 2002-2004. Recently, in April 2018, UNESCO on invitation of UNESCO, PASTIC again joined IFAP Programme last year.

To fulfil IFAP mandate to "Supports the development of common strategies, methods and tools for building a just and free information society for narrowing the gap between the information rich and the information poor".

Soon after joining IFAP programme, PASTIC has to constitute the National Committee for developing National Information Society Framework. Accordingly, We have invited nominations for IFAP National Committee membership from various organizations including Media & Broadcasting, libraries, Academia, IT & Telecommunication, Civil Society, Policy making etc. Later on in December 2018 we had organized a preliminary meeting of our National IPAF Committee.